Natalia Portman Is Now Working With The Vince's New Film Black Swan

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Natalie Portman is taking a turn in Vince Films as she thinks that it is better to work with Vince's film. The Vince's festival was opened on Wednesday. Vince's new film is 'Black Swan' in which Portman is starring as a ballerina who finally lands lead role but loses her grip reality.

The film is dark psychological drama and it is little horror too. In Black Swan a steamy love scene is taken between the actresses and elements of violence and it makes a horror departure from clean-cut on-screen roles often associated with Portman.

After the film 'The Wrestler' Darren Aronofsky's is taking apart in Black Swan.And in the interview he said: "The more I looked into the world of ballet, I actually started to see all these similarities to the world of wrestling they both have these performers that use their bodies in extremely intense physical ways."


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