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To most of us, a New Year’s resolution is a commitment or a target an individual sets at the beginning of a new year often to change a habit or a lifestyle that they don’t want to continue in It is important to note that, different cultures have different dates for their New Year. This is due to the different type of calendar these cultures use. Most people in the world mark their years based on a 365 day solar calendar which starts on 1st January.

If you’re tired of the same old boring, stand around and drink kind of New Years parties, you’re not alone! Been there, done that. Let everyone else start off their New Year 2011 with yawns and blank stares It is always a good practice to make a plan before you embark on something. Stick the plan up or keep it somewhere you frequently look at. This will act as a reminder I recommend you record your progress every time you achieve a milestone in your plan. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find yourself motivated to stick to your resolution.

Time does not wait for anyone. New Year Calendars replaces old Calendars. We welcome good time with lovely smile on face. New Year is a new beginning providing new pace to life with freshness in the air and brightness in the sky. People celebrate new year enjoying the charm of magnificent world. Whole world is shimmering whether it's "light India", "Shining Sydney", "Luminous London", "Eminent England", "and Notable New York". One can see the memorable striking glaze in the sky. They wish each other successful and glorifying New Year, with all the success and happiness. New Year celebrations revolve around the world and breeze of happiness and tranquility touches every single soul.


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