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Pakistani New Year is traditionally referred as “Nawrooz” or ‘New Day’. Like most of the other countries which celebrates 1st of January as the New Year day, this day is officially declared as New Year in Pakistan. It is a time of celebrations, merriment and revelry. The festival of Nawrooz lasts for nearly six days marked by celebrations and enthusiasm, and passion. People welcome the New Year with the hope that the coming year will be more prosperous, successful and full of happiness as compared to the year gone by. The people of Pakistan usher in the New Year with hope and eagerness and the excitement is quite palpable.

New Year celebrations in Pakistan are marked by a difference due to the diverse and distinct cultural background. Different regions and provinces of the country have their different reasons to celebrate the day and their style of celebrating it may also vary. People in the mountain valleys of Pakistan like the hilly Chitral region observe the New Year as the harvest time of grapes and walnuts. It is better known as ‘Mela Chiragan’ or ‘Basant’. In some parts of the country, the day is welcomed in a traditional manner with religious rituals and prayers being performed in mosques by the people. In popular cities of Pakistan, such as Lahore, Karachi, preparations for the New Year starts days before the arrival of the actual day. Different households welcome the New Year in different manner.

In most of the houses, women folk become busy in cleaning the houses and people buy new clothes and prepare large variety of delightful dishes to entertain the guests and the family members. People also offer prayers or “namaz” at the nearest mosque and greet each other.New Year celebrations begin with the New Year’s Eve in Pakistan when gunshots are fired in the air to signify the start of a new year. This is also a time for different art and traditional folk music festivals, which are held to mark the occasion and the festive mood. People look forward to this day with great enthusiasm and optimism. New Year in Pakistan is also the time for resolutions for bringing about more stability and peace in the country.

New year events in Pakistan begin shortly after the new year's eve in Pakistan when gun shots are finavy at air to indicate the start of a new year, its also time of various social events when the people indulge in different art and traditional folk music festivals held to mark the occasion at different community halls usually attended by large gatherings.New year is a big occasion in rural Pakistan particularly because it's the harvest time and meticulously looked forward with great optimism and fun fair. New year in Pakistan is also a time of resolutions and promises for the beginning of a peaceful and eventful year ahead.

Traditional new year celebrations in Pakistan are followed by deep religious rituals. Preparations for the arrival of the new year starts long ahead with the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi adorning a festive look. In the different Pakistani households hectic preparations are made where the women folk clean the houses, buy new clothes and prepare wide variety of mouth watering dishes to entertain the guests and the family members. On the first day of the new year in Pakistan the people wear new clothes and offer prayers or 'namaz' at the nearest mosque and wish each other 'happy new year.

New Year’s Eve is all about celebration, parties and social gatherings. Whole world welcomes it with breathtaking fire work. Pakistani’s celebrate it with indiscriminate and random aerial firing, creating harassment, fear and resulting in injuring over 50 to 100 people. Youngsters march towards beach, display careless biking skills, harasses families esp. when they see women creature.

A golden waterfall cascaded from the deck of the bridge as the effect, kept top secret until midnight, changed shapes from a star to a spinning wheel to a flower before being revealed as a glowing sun.The 12-minute spectacle is considered one of the best fireworks displays in the world, attracting more people on New Year’s Eve than Times Square in New York or celebrations in London.It cost $5 million, but Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the event would inject more than $40 million into the local economy. She said the occasion was about celebrating a sense of identity and belonging, especially in the tough times.


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