Ochocinco The Ultimate Bengals Wide Receiver Apparently Upset The Network

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They people thought I was either really smart or they thought I was a trash bag, Ochocinco the Ultimate Catch’s Tara tells us regarding her love-it-or-hate-it personality. In the interview below, the show’s class clown talks about her refusal to take reality TV seriously, the eyebrow-raising comments about race she made on the show and why she’s looking into a slutty puppet master Halloween costume.

They two ladies only remain in the final round to win Chad’s affection. He continues to wine and dine both women on a romantic out of town trip. Chad must choose between fiery passion and a close mental connection. Will the underdog pull off an upset, or can the favorite take home the win.

They about tweets were Evelyn Lozada, who is not one of the 85 women competing for his attention on the VH1 dating show the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver has apparently upset the network, which airs his reality show Ochocinco.

The reality game together would have had a viewing party in Vega or at least Compton something. I'm sure King or Smooth could use an extra model using that term loosely) for a few shots. Stay away from shots that have the word money in front of it. If all else fells, there is a NBA/NFL draft every year to find a man. Maybe you will find another reality show ie. I Love Money or Basketball


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