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The NFL's most beloved bad boys. From his controversial end zone celebration dances to his mischievous antics between plays, he's quickly become the NFL's superstar; and with new teammate Terrell Owens, fans should get ready to hold on tight. Now having established himself as one of the best in the game he's ready to take the focus off the field and put it on his love life. At 32 years old Ocho wants to find the kind of girl he can be proud have on his arm and in his cheering section in the stands.

The competition to make his roster is going to be tough because he's not settling for second string and to guarantee that, he's starting with something we've never seen before - 85 GIRLS! The 85 hopefuls will be put through Ocho's "dating training camp" and will be cut if they aren't the type of girl he can see himself with. He will evaluate all 85 girls' performances where only 20 will make the team. The 20 girls on the team will date Ocho in The Ultimate Catch.

A quick turn over with the upcoming Ochocinco The Ultimate Catch Season Finale. Find out what we will be get to see as we have the season finale preview shared. Check out the Preview The Ultimate Catch Season Finale Airing Sunday Sept 5th at 9/8c as well.The girls are "matched up" based on their ranking and will competitively date based on those "matchups". At the end of each episode the winners from each "matchup" will receive a "game ball" from Ocho and move on to the next round of the tournament and the loser will be sent home. In the end, the championship date between the two remaining women will result in Ochocinco awarding his girl the coveted Championship Ring and his heart.


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