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Paths of Glory is great, though I agree with House of Leaves that it would be cool if Criterion used the slot for something that we currently can’t get our hands on here in the United States cough Je’Taime Je’Taime cough. But I also think they release enough lesser known films to throw in some seminal classics as well. Plus it’s clearly a wiser business decision to release something that will satisfy both art-house fans and fans of less obscure films alike, instead of releasing some unheard of movie that 200 kids on the internet claim to be the cinematic piece de resistance.

films ever made. During WWI, French officer Kirk Douglas finds himself in a maze of Catch-22 contradictions when he decides to defend three of his men against charges of cowardice from insane general George Macready. The killing 1956, MGM Repertory, 83 min. Kubrick’s tough-as-nails heist film about a robbery at a racetrack features an incredible rogue’s gallery of great character actors, including Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Elisha Cook Jr., Marie Windsor and Timothy Carey.

The story of a down-and-out boxer who falls for a comely female neighbour, leading to kidnapping and murder. Davey Gordon has seemingly fought his last fight after being pummelled by Kid Rodriguez in the first round. Gloria Price is the hard-luck dame whose window faces Davey's. A dancer at Pleasureland, Gloria is trying to break up with her boss, Vincent Rapallo, but he would rather see her dead before allowing her to be with another man. So when Davey and Gloria start a steamy romance, it isn't long before murder enters the picture.

The Killing was released in 1956 and was adapted by Kubrick from Lionel White's novel, Clean Break. Paths of Glory, which was released the following year, is a cinematic masterpiece and certainly merits its ranking among IMDb's top 250. While I doubt many people will have the chance to see these films in a theater as I did, I certainly believe they're worthy of a rental, particularly for Kubrick aficionados or just fans of classic movies in general. Programming note, The Killing will be featured on Turner Classic Movies on September 21st at 9 a.m. eastern.

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