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Pineapple Dance Studios will follow the lives of the teachers, pupils and staff at the studio as they attend auditions, rehearsals and performances. Sky1 HD will be there to witness the thrill of their dreams coming true and their pain of being rejected. Over 200 classes take place each week, covering over 30 styles of dance, taught by industry professionals who choreograph and dance with the world’s leading artists, companies and West End shows.

The highest level auditionees, and some of the world’s most successful dance teachers all pass through Covent Garden’s Pineapple Dance Studios on a daily basis and now they'll pass through your living room! As Sky1 HD gives you exclusive access to the world famous dance space we'll be capturing every move, every performance and every bit of drama. Blurring the lines between documentary, comedy and drama and creating a new style of documentary filmmaking.

It was astonishing. And yet something similar had happened in last week's opener. During an otherwise mundane front-of-house scene, two policemen had burst into an apparently spontaneous backflipping routine. At the time my brain had simply refused to process that incident: even for Pineapple Dance Studios, this was a mad too far one bonkers too many. And yet last night's routine marked a turning point. Clearly, PDS is not merely a full-scale diorama of vertiginous campery and arrant fabulosity.

Spence has the gait of an exploding Magimix 5200: he can't walk into a room without calling us "darlings", doing jazz-legs, "sexy dressage", hysterical pirouettes, dying-swan arm swoops and/or making surround-sound goose noises. "I was born in the SPLITS. I mean COME ON", he honked exuberantly last night, squeezing together his pumped man-baps to make his chest look like a Greggs window display and pouting as if we'd just complimented him on his tights.

As the first season closes this weekend, how can it be summed up.It's one of the most joyous, bizarre and laugh-out-loud shows of the year so far. The producers call it "a cross between Airport, Fame and Summer Heights High." Incredulous viewers at first thought it was a mockumentary, yet it's officially a documentary with sporadic dance sequences.The show will introduce a number of unique characters; from millionaire founder Debbie Moore to outrageous Artistic Director Louie Spence, self-proclaimed ‘ready made pop star’ Andrew Stone to celebrated choreographer Mark Battershall.
Pineapple Dance Studios has been used by Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce and Girls Aloud, and has been hired for rehearsals, castings and auditions by the likes of West End shows Chicago, Dirty Dancing and The Lion King.Pineapple Dance Studios is an exclusive fly-on-the-wall documentary series that will bring the most outrageous pirouetting, pouting and bitching to Sky1 HD.


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