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The hit reality TV show centres around camp Louie Spence, Artistic Director of the London dance studios, and has made the man a household name. So much does he love to watch flamboyant Louie, that X Factor judge Simon Cowell has seen every episode of the show and even rang it’s producers to tell them what a great job they are doing.As meta-whimsical Harry Hill quickly noticed, immediately dragging him into his anglo-surreal show TV Burp, Louie has become an instant hardcore television personality simply by finding a way to beam his desperate, engaging and unformed energy into some sort of exuberant, unstoppable package.

An insider told The Sun: “Simon doesn’t exactly dish out the praise for rival shows so it was a huge honour to get the call.Let’s face it, Simon Cowell knows what he’s talking about when it comes to hit telly.After watching the Sky One show Pineapple Dance Studios for a few weeks, sometimes in a state of shock, I have got to know the place, and many of those who work there, very well indeed. The programme is a documentary that seems to be set inside a fantasy, or a fantasy set inside a place that really exists.

The Trammps' Disco Inferno – a startlingly accomplished series of moves that came complete with harmonised pelvic agitation and a move that made them look as if they were giving themselves a hot stone massage, using turnips. It was astonishing. And yet something similar had happened in last week's opener. During an otherwise mundane front-of-house scene, two policemen had burst into an apparently spontaneous backflipping routine. At the time my brain had simply refused to process that incident: even for Pineapple Dance Studios, this was a mad too far– one bonkers too many.The editing is ruthless, the soundtrack sublime and the peerless "spontaneous dance fantasy" sequences both hilarious and genuinely stirring (subtext: even the staunchly heterosexual are powerless to resist The Dance). It's the touching cherry on a brilliantly inspired meringue.

His talent is to convince us that he lives life in a constant state of excitement and that this is an important, life-enhancing gift. I find myself quite excited about visiting the place, as though I am going inside the television into a place that has been made up, and suddenly being in Albert Square, or the Seinfeld diner, and everything is real.


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