Reggie Bush Injury Having Unclosed Injury

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Initally, Bush tried to limp off the field. However, after a few steps, Bush fell to the ground in obvious pain. He then left the field without putting any weight on his injured leg It hurt like hell. When I got back up and tried to walk on it, it felt terrible, said Bush With Bush out, the Saints will lean more heavily on running backs Pierre Thomas, DeShawn Wynn and Chris Ivory It was a busy week for Bush. Last Tuesday, Bush gave up his Heisman Trophy amid controversy It’s been a pretty tough week,” said the shifty running back.

In the midst of all this excitement and madness, and the unfortunate incident which took place on what seems to have been a great loss to the saints. Reggie Bush Injury to match to pause for some time in the second half. The Reggie Bush injury, shock to the team he was playing with the ball well and everyone expects him to save the team from the 49ers. No luck do not like Reggie Bush this time, he was forced to leave the game in the second half.

The injury occurred after Reggie Bush landed several times on the ground, and this is because he lost control without awareness of the foot. Was immediately transferred to the X-ray room by a team of doctors. Is not yet clear whether he had broken bones, in the case to him, then he would not be at a football stadium before a period of six weeks or so. However, he emphasized that the injury to Reggie Bush is not really serious and that he will recover in less time than expected.

This is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is carted off the field after being injured during the fourth quarter Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers. The AP is reporting Reggie Bush as having an “undisclosed injury” after a fumble.

Obviously, the team doctors will be looking at Bush intensely when the team gets home in a few hours, and the early diagnosis could very well end up being changed to a more prohibitive approach in the near future That said, fans of the Saints have to be pleased that Bush’s injury isn’t as serious as many feared it to be initially, and a return late in the season is better than no return at all.


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