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The Wall Journal yesterday said the Samsung Galaxy Tab would be $200-$400 subsidized by a carrier in the US. That means its real cost will be similar to the Galaxy S smartphones or as much as $200 more expensive. The Korea Times said it would seemingly' be $300-$400 without a contract. That's a pretty good deal.

The Fascinate will likely sell for $199 with a 2 year contract on par with other Android phones. This joins the Droid X, Droid 2, and HTC Droid Incredible as the most recent Android additions to the Verizon lineup. The Thursday launch date is based on multiple unconfirmed reports of the launch from credible sites.

The Galaxy Tab will also be available in the U.S. market through wireless carriers. It will be subsidized like a smartphone that is not so good. But the device will be available for an affordable price. It is expected that the device will be offered through four major wireless carriers, like the Galaxy S series.

The Galaxy Tab is essentially a huge Galaxy S like the iPad is a huge iPhone, according to sources. That is about all we know about this so far, save for the 7-inch screen and Android capability.

The Galaxy Tab runs on Android OS (not clear whether it is OS v2.1 or V2.2) and has a 7-inch high resolution TFT screen with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, and a front facing camera. The phone icon present in the leaked pics shows that the Galaxy tab can also be used to make phone calls possibly with a headset like Bluetooth headset.

Meanwhile, the price tag for the Samsung Galaxy Tab touch screen tablet has finally been revealed. According to reports, the 7 inch Android monster is slated to hit store shelves with a massive 679.99 Pound price tag. With a cost that high, this Galaxy is certain to put a black hole in your pocket.


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