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The Galaxy Tab is a prime example. Samsung points out that its camera-equipped tablet allows users to take advantage of augmented reality apps available in the Of course, smartphone users can download these apps too, but the larger displays on tablets may help AR reach a wider audience. Graphical overlays are much easier to view and interact with on a tablet-sized screen.

Nokia is bullish on augmented reality as well. Its Point & Find interface uses object-recognition technology to help mobile users find services in their area. And Google is likely to be an AR proponent too. Its Google Goggles visual-search Android app recognizes landmarks, artwork, books, products, and other items in the physical world. While Goggles' current skills may be rudimentary, the application shows a lot of potential and could evolve into an AR tool.

The Samsung i9000 Galaxy S is an Android smartphone that was announced by Samsung in March 2010. It includes Android version 2.1 but Android 2.2 is expected to be available, on GSM variants at the end of September 2010 and US CDMA variants before the end of 2010. It features a 1 GHz "Hummingbird" processor along with 8-16 GB internal Flash memory, a 4 inch 480x800 pixel Super AMOLED (Pentile) widescreen, capacitive touchscreen display, a 5 megapixel camera in addition to a VGA front-facing camera,and a PowerVR graphics processor yielding 90 million triangles per second, making it the fastest graphics processing unit in any Android phone to date.In addition being amongst the first phones to offer Bluetooth 3.0 and/or Divx HD,at 9.9mm it is at time of release the thinnest Android phone.

The most important aspect of all three generations of TouchWiz UI is the widget interface. The most prominent widgets that come with the Galaxy S are the daily briefing, weather clock and the buddy widget. Daily briefing brings up all essential day to day information (finance, weather, AP mobile news, schedule) in one page. The weather clock is a classic analog clock with the selected city's weather displayed below the clock. The buddy widget allows you to text and call your contacts quickly. In addition to Samsung widgets, standard Android widgets can be added and removed from the homescreens.

Several fixes have been attempted by users, with varying results. A fix for one of the several problems includes changing the LbsTestMode of Samsung's current Android 2.1_update image.[41]. Samsung has recently confirmed though that multiple problems and causes exist[42] and has indicated they are to release an update to address one of the causes in September. Samsung had claimed fixes had been implemented in the more recently released Sprint Epic variant but users have found major GPS problems with that model as well.

Both the Captivate and Vibrant are available now, and we have full reviews up, so be sure to check those out. Meanwhile, the Epic 4G and Fascinate are due to ship later this summer, though Sprint and Verizon have not released a specific launch date or pricing yet. In addition, U.S. Cellular and Cellular South will ship their own versions in the fall. One final note, Samsung said the entire Galaxy S portfolio will be updated to Android 2.2.

Also one thing to note, is that the samsung touchwiz skin not only looks ugly but is a huge memory hog , I immediately saw a massive speed boost when I switched to Launcher Pro , I recommend everyone try it out cause it's free in the market right now, it also has neat little OSX like dock at the bottom that can hold upto 15 shortcuts, so you can have more room for widgets and less shortcuts on your homescreen.

Not that you’d know it from simply looking at it or picking it up. It’s far from the design triumph that the iPhone 4 is, and it isn’t as nice to hold as the HTC Desire either. It’s light, a little bit plasticky, and the chrome effect trim that curves around the edge of the front fascia makes it look and feel like a cheap, knock-off copy of the iPhone 3GS.

Nearly as impressive as the screen is the sheer performance of the Galaxy S. Thanks to the 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, it’s the quickest, slickest, smoothest Android phone yet. It hardly stuttered, no matter how much we asked it to do. Over a fast Wi-Fi connection it loaded the full BBC home page in an average of nine seconds, level with the HTC Desire and iPhone 4.

The positive impression made by the screen is hardly done any harm by Samsung's inclusion of the new Hummingbird application processor inside, which pushes Android's home screens around with frightening ease. Pinch-to-zoom is also ridiculously smooth -- as fluid in its motion as a well warmed-up Bruce Lee, the Hummingbird just owns this gesture-based input that tends to trip up a lot of mobile devices. Whether you're zooming in and out of pictures or a web page, this is the one area where we truly felt like we were tapping into the full potency of the processor inside. Hell, you might even turn this around on Samsung and contend that the company has failed to fully harness such a workhorse.


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