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The fresh-faced beauty from Holland, PA appeared on Stern’s show after a friend submitted some pictures of her in a bikini and said she wanted to be a Playmate. Stern is no fool; he knows a good thing when he sees one. At first she had reservations about being on the show. "Sometimes they tear people apart," she says. "I was scared. But then they told me Playboy Senior Photo Editor Kevin Kuster was going to be there. I had to take a chance."

The details of the fight haven’t surfaced yet but if the fault was that of the man then bravo Shannon James. The students of the university to which Shannon James goes say that she has brought shame to the university; however, they should be proud if the fault was of the guy. The situation could be the opposite that she attacked the man without any definite reason and that would really suck because then reputation of Shannon James really might be at stake. Let’s wait and find out.

Shannon James (born February 5, 1987 in Holland, Pennsylvania) is the Playboy Playmate of the Month for May 2007. Like Jillian Grace, who was Miss March 2005, James was brought to the attention of Howard Stern. One of Shannon's best friends, Lindsay Campbell, submitted several photographs of Shannon to the show, and Shannon was chosen to come in for an evaluation. She was then given the opportunity for a test shoot.

This beauty was born in Holland is a smart ass! Wondering what happens on Shannon. S3xy V-shaped torso of a male and a block of six figures. This Miss May 2007 is now working hard to be in a field of selling pharmaceuticals. She said that if it’s difficult it would be a model and pursue acting. With 34 sports busts Shannon C, we believe the quality and modeling career is ideal for this exotic model Playmate James Shannon 23 Male Playboy Playmate Philadelphia’m and model. I currently live in the city of brotherly love but still I’m moving. web clip.

Finally, the Playboy Advisor deals with a question that's been coming up a lot lately: Is Golf On the Way Out? I think you'll appreciate the answer. So check in with Shannon James and the other golf-minded people at

More shocking to this is that she assaulted him with a baseball bat. The fight details is yet not known completely. Other students of her university said that Shannon brought shame to the university. Well, if the fault was with the guy then they should be proud of her. Let us wait and find out whose fault it was actually.


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