The Stargate Universe Crew Held Their Comic Con Ranel | It's Truly Thriving In The Form Of The TV Series Stargate Universe | Preview & Review

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The Previously unknown purpose of the "Ninth Cheveron" is revealed, and ends up taking a team to an Ancient ship "Destiny", a ship built millions of years ago by the Ancients, used to seed Distant galaxies with Stargates. This team, led by Dr. Nicolas Rush and Colonel Everet Young, are trapped on the ship, unable to change its programmed mission, and encounter new races, new technology and new enemies, as the runaway ship takes them to the far ends of the Universe.

Another reveal involves David Blue’s Eli character, who will be getting a love interest in the form of a Lucian Alliance member. Apparently it’s a character we haven’t seen before, because I don’t recall there being a female member of the Lucian Alliance raiding party other than Rhona Mitra’s character.Also, remember that news about a “Stargate: Atlantis Stargate,Universe” cross-over? Well now we know who will be showing up: David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay, who will no doubt be lending his prodigious brains to both Rush and Eli, and Robert Picardo’s Robert Woosley, who will no doubt be lending his, er, bureaucratic stuffy shirt to Camile Wray and company.

And of course, in case you were wondering: T.J. and Chloe will be just fine in Season 2. What, they were really going to kill the two women off? Perish the thought.Meanwhile, the Destiny’s bridge will finally be located, including the Captain’s chair. I foresee a lot of bickering about who is going.The “Stargate: Universe” crew held their Comic Con panel today in San Diego, and came prepared with plenty of Season 2 plot details for the gathered throngs. Among them, the news that the Lucian Alliance, who invaded the Destiny ship at the end of last year, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they’ll be sticking around permanently, and will eventually be merged into the crew.


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