TNA No Surrender 2010 Show With The Tournament Concluding A Month Later

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The two fight to the corner and when Pope goes top rope, Anderson is the one who attempts a superplex. Dinero though blocks it and the tides turn and eventually Anderson is knocked from being perched on the top rope himself, right down to ringside. Dinero then dives onto Anderson and the crowd go wild! Pope rolls Anderson back near fall. Pope sets up for the DDE, but Anderson counters.

Most importantly, I can't remember the semi-final rounds of a tournament being the main event of a show with the tournament concluding a month later. As if that wasn't bad enough, TNA announced half the matches less than 72 hours before PPV. I really do want to see TNA succeed but sometimes they make me wonder if they want to see themselves succeed.

No Surrender it can be part of the tournament to crown a brand new  TNA Entire world Heavyweight Champion. The two men are faces and have absolutely been to the top rated of the mountain. Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy is going to be having a match.


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