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This multi talented personality shifted to the director’s seat in 1986 with Sukhamo Devi and the film was a huge hit. His hit films included Lal Salam, Aei Auto, Agnidevan, Sarvakalashala and Kizhakkunaram Pakshi. His latest directorial venture was Bharya Swantham Suhruthu which released last year.

He Acted in films Ulkkadal, Shalini Ente Kootukari, Chillu, Omanathinkal, Lekhayude maranam oru flash back, Meena Masathile Sooryan, Arante mulla Kochu mulla, Adaminte Variyellu, Devadas, Vartha , etc. He Entered in to the direction field with the Super hit film ‘Sukhamo Devi’, Thereafter he directed the following films Sarvalalashala, Ayitham, Lal Salam, Aye Auto, Ayirappara, Agni Devan, Raktha Sakshikal Sindabad. He Did the Screen Writing for the Films, Kilukkam, Artham, Aham, Bharya Swantham Suhurthu and Sukhamo Devi.

Fighting in his first bout since being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in May, former welterweight champion Matt Hughes pulled off an unlikely win over black belt Ricardo Almeida. Hughes hammered Almeida with a left hand, which essentially knocked Almeida out on his feet.

Matt Hughes improved to 45-7 by choking out Ricardo Almeida (12-4) 3:15 into the first round of their welterweight bout. Hughes received a minimum of $260,000, including a $100,000 win bonus and $60,000 for the submission, for his first fight since being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in May. Almeida took home $35,000.

Another reader says, Anderson Silva is one of the best fighters in the world, and I have all the respect in the world for him, but Sonnen also deserves respect. You guys squawk back and forth like children. Both men put on an amazing, entertaining fight. Silva is great, but he didn't bow to Sonnen for nothing. I personally was routing for Sonnen, because cheering for Silva, is like going to a casino and cheering for the house to win. I love to watch world class underdogs take it to the best fighters, and put on legendary fights.

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