Volkswagen Vento Is A Beautiful Sedan Based OnThe Looks Are Impressive Classy & Modern At The Same Time

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Brand Volkswagen stands apart with its subtle and refined taste of designing. You will never find a product which screams and screeches for attention. In fact, we feel it is the people who shun the limelight, deserve a VW. For, unlike the rest, they have been there and already done that. There is nothing that we need to prove to the world is the design philosophy of the Vento.

At first look, you might feel that the Vento is just the addition of a boot to the Polo, their hatchback; much the way Suzuki DZire is to the Swift. But when you scrape through the surface and dig deeper, differences begin to pop out. The exterior has a smooth and natural finish to it. There are no sporty lines or curvy profiles, but a simple design that is pleasing to the eye and would appeal to a wider audience. It does not come out as an overly butch car too but in fact does a balancing act of giving us a design which can pull through any season.

The sedan variant of New Polo to compete with the likes of Swift Dzire, Hyundai Verna & Fiat Linea. Outside India, Polo has a sedan variant called the Volkswagen Polo Classic, but for India Volkswagen has christened the Polo saloon as "Vento". Production bases of the current Polo Classic are located in Brazil, South Africa and China. Australia receives the Polo Classic from the base in China, and the model is the first right hand drive Chinese-manufactured car to be exported to a “developed country”.The Vento, which means wind in both Italian and Portuguese, follows the VW tradition of naming its models after prominent winds. VW certainly hopes the Vento badge clicks in India, in fact, India is one of the most important markets for the Vento and the German company hopes to sell 25,000 units every year once production is in full swing.

In simpler terms, it is like that denim pair you have been wearing for ages... whatever be the occasion. The simplicity of the exterior is emulated in the cabin and you notice the differences from the Polo. The dash and the instrument cluster look clean with a sturdy and comfortable-to-hold steering wheel. One feature that is a first in this segment is a level behind the front passenger seat. It allows you to adjust the leg space by moving the front seat according to your need. This is something which the backbencher would thoroughly enjoy.

The Vento has taken care of details which are normally brushed under the carpet: The noise when the door shuts has a very premium feel to it; the horn has a refined note and does not mimic a squeaking mouse. Comfort wise, VW has gone all out. And in doing so, they have preferred the rear seats to the front. The car has a nice thigh support and even if one dozes off during a long haul, the head will not end up banging on a hard place or a rock.


  1. Among all the mid-sized cars, Volkswagen Vento is one such car model that has become most demanding and loved one.

  2. Very nice post and review.I do agree with this aspect, this car is a class apart,We cannot compare it with others.This is a very good choice if you try considering Volkswagen Vento to be your car and ride with smooth performance for any kind of journey on the road.


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