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Saradaga Kasepu turns into a ‘boring ga chaala sepu’, all you do is wonder why a comedian who threatens to pull the zip off from the bag and take out the ’subham card’ in the end doesn’t do it much before. The film would have been atleast okay if there had been some other filler instead of Krishna Bhagawan’s.
Allari Naresh plays the lead in the film “Saradaga Kasepu” which is being produced by ML Padma Kumar Chowdary under the banner of Sri Keerthi Combines and presented by Ravi Sadasivuni. The film is directed by Vamsi.

However the film falters on the comical side. Some scenes are too silly to be even called ‘comedy scenes’. Another disappointment is Ahuti Prasad. One really fails to understand on why Vamsi made of butchery of his character which only makes the audience squirm in their seats.

Watch Saradaga Kasepu Movie Online Trailer | Saradaga Kasepu Movie Review

Cast: Allari Naresh, Avasarala Ashwin, Madhurima, M.S.Narayana, Kondavalasa
M.L. Padmakumar Choudhary
Release Date:
17th Sep 2010

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