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I realized late on this day, when I was already at my in-laws house celebrating Labor Day that I had Something To Do that I had forgotten about. Being a little bit A.D.D. it could have been anything from leaving the sprinklers on to not folding a load of laundry.It was when someone at the luncheon started asking me questions about how I do giveaways on my blog that I had the D'oh! FacePalm moment. I still have so much more to tell you about my trip to General Mills and the Betty Crocker Kitchens. I have some very cool recipes I want to share and also some fun stuff to giveaway.

There was so much to take in that I can't possibly write about it all in one post, so I will be writing about this for the next week or so (I'll also do some giveaways to make it worth your while).Obviously, because we homeschool, we're very proactive about our kids' education. So together we began our research.Lucy's high school experience to date has been through the Orange County Department of Education. The high school provides online classes and supportive classroom instruction as well as varied programs and clubs that meet on campus. As much as I love homeschooling and as much as I think people who have the temperament for it should do it, I am not "militant" about homeschooling.

This is an ad I found in a 1901 Lafayette, La. Advertiser while doing genealogy research on I thought a few of my Tiger pals would get a kick out of reading about Louisiana State University's "oldest and best Sugar Course in America" and its "Instruction thorough, modern, practical, fitting young men for success in any calling.My dad, George Hall, and his brother John both attended LSU. Dad earned a bachelor's in biology, Uncle John in dairy science. Both attended on the G.I. bill, I think, after World War II.LSU opened its doors in 1860 as the Seminary of Learning of the State of Louisiana. Hmmm, that means its 150th birthday is this year.

I can almost smell the grills firing up for some amazing tailgate celebrations this fall.A team led by Dr Paula Saukko from Loughborough University has discovered that genetic and family history alone isn’t enough to motivate people at high risk of CHD. To change their lives, they also need to have a supportive family and doctor, and to be personally and financially secure. The work could have implications for how doctors tackle CHD and other public health issues.

The study also found that people whose doctor focused on reducing CHD risk by bringing down cholesterol levels tended only to take cholesterol-reducing tablets. They didn’t make efforts to get healthy. ‘They saw the problem had been resolved. They said things like “I take the tablets and my cholesterol goes down”‘, Dr Saukko says. ‘GPs need to pay a bit more attention to whether they offer the drugs too readily. Sometimes doctors and nurses focus on the genetics to encourage people to take the tablets’.


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