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Fallon appeared in a pre-taped segment with cast members from “Glee” (Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Corey Monteith and Amber Riley), Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Jorge Garcia, Nina Dobrev, Tim Gunn and Joel McHale teaming up to perform Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.” (Props to McHale for showing up after he and his show, “Community,” were snubbed by Emmy.The performers then burst on stage to do backup for Fallon and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson.

The opener topped Neil Patrick Harris’ bit last year–or was at least as great. Kate Gosselin mocked her own appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” when the group declined her offer to join their glee club. It also included the obligatory Betty White appearance, which set up her and Hamm’s presentation of the first award of the night.We have a very limited amount of invitations at the moment, but mail us a few lines about yourself and material you'd might be able to contribute with and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We haven't written any of the text on this blog, almost every post is copy/paste and therefore created by other people. One more important thing to have in mind when viewing some of the work we share at this blog, is that it's often intended to be installed/presented in a gallery.Japan in 1977 and currently lives in London. He uses lo-tech video animation to create poetic dreamscapes - ruminations on ideas of time and motion, innocence and alienation, dislocation and displacement.

His seminal film, 'Dwelling', 2002 was accomplished while still a graduate student at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, and brought him to the attention of the international art world through exhibitions including New Contemporaries and East International.Certain leitmotifs recur throughout the films - a child's rocking horse, migrating animals, model jet planes - objects which play out notions of travel and nomadism, of being at home and thinking of elsewhere.

This is not an attack, but in a way it is - if that is what it takes for you to simply drop everything that stops you from feeling for people. Feel for people. Actually, I would say your number one focus - if your life quality, whether it be level of professional success or just love in your lie, is way below your standard should be on feeling for people.

Because when you do, your life becomes much more exciting. Your face opens up - because it has to be open, for you to feel for people - which allows you to take in all the different nuances of your experiences, while at the same time relieving you of a lot of the stress that being emotionally closed up gives rise to. You do not have to deal, anymore, with all the "what if they do not like what I am saying?" - if you are simply focused on the problems that THAT person has, which focusing on the rhythms of that person will provide to you the opportunity to choose to do.

The reason I am talking about rhythms in the context of social interaction, is that doing so is a great way to activate yourself - a great way to see "the matrix" of social interaction. Think of rhythms, and you will have a much easier time adapting your body language - so as to make people around you comfortable; you will make friends easier this way. In other words, you are aware of their rhythms which you become first when you let go of your mind, which you do by relaxing - you feel into them, and you adapt your body language to make them feel good. Simple.


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