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The survey was carried out by Benenden Healthcare, a mutual society which provides for families and individuals.A spokesman said: ‘The modern 50-year-old spends more time than ever on things that boost contentment in life, and with life expectancy rising all the time, being middle-aged is no longer a precursor to winding down.Those in their fifties are happier, socialise and explore more than those half their age and even appear fitter.Turnbull is possibly the only politician in the country who enjoyed the election campaign. For most participants and onlookers it was a bruising affair, long on tactics, short on vision.

Perhaps it’s because priorities change over the years – with those things to get caught up in the stresses and demands of a job, trying to get a foot through the door, but in doing so let other parts of their life slip by the wayside.It’s great to think that the older generation are showing the youngsters the way when it comes to enjoying a healthier and more exciting lifestyle.The survey found that middle-aged respondents have at least one meal out a week, have at least three glasses of wine and exercise for nearly two hours a week.They have also holidayed abroad at least twice in the last year, taken up three times as many hobbies as someone half their age, and enjoyed three countryside walks in the last month.

They do just over an hour of exercise a week, have picked up only one new interest and taken only one country ramble in the last month, saying they are too tired to get out as much as they would like.The study suggested that a fifth of over-50s are a member of a gym, and spend nearly £400 more a year on going out, alcohol and day trips.They have also taken fewer sick days off work, go to bed later than those in their mid-20s and more than a third reckon they are healthier than they have ever been.It was all care, not much responsibility beyond the important task of holding for the Liberal Party his Sydney electorate, where the ostentatiously rich and the moderately famous cohabit with ferals and beach bums, and the odd reality TV production crew.


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