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 MY PET SHAME 8pm, Sky1 New series. Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page joins forces with vet and behaviourist Marc Abraham to visit a range of animals that embarrass their owners. They begin by meeting a potty-mouthed parrot, a cat with a penchant for male nipples and a miniature foal that thinks it is a dog.

Sharing a flat with an incredibly farty cat would certainly be embarrassing and a bit of a passion killer, so the story of Moog, a cheeky white minx whose emissions got right up owner Jodie’s nose, passed the shame test.But the tale of Lulu, a mastiff who suffered phantom pregnancies and was unable to carry puppies to full term when she was pregnant was sad rather than shameful.

Lexi, the most adorable Staffordshire bull terrier. I was nervous about a Staffy coming in because of their reputation, but she was so well behaved. Lexi was an excessive licker, so when she greets people, she gets overexcited and won't stop licking them. When I was introduced to her, she dove on to me and put her tongue in my mouth and ear, which was actually quite nice! And then there's Columbo, a pug who farts all the time. We took him to a doggy dancing class which is the cutest thing you will ever see.I’m asked to present lots of things, but this was right for me because I genuinely love animals. If I’m going to do something, I want to be passionate about it.

Now the spotlight has turned to our beloved pets in what can only be described as the greatest pet show since Rolf Harris and 'Animal Hospital'. The charming Dr Marc Abraham examines some of the most shocking animal antics and cringe-worthy medical conditions suffered by pets around the UK. From poorly pooches to potty mouthed parrots 'My Pet Shame' would give Dr Dolittle a run for his money.

Then there was 'Clouseau' a.k.a 'The weeing cat'. This was definitely a case of the cat that got the cream (and then some). No wonder Yvonne is at the end of her tether with her cat's antics. Not only had he ruined a new espresso machine, a brand new sofa and sofa bed made up for a guest, but to top it all off his overly affectionate and blatantly foolish owner still refused to let him outside to mark his territory and well, to wee. To stop his random habits Yvonne resorted to dotting sheets of tin foil at all his favorite wee spots, as he avoids the sound it makes when he walks on it. All poor Clouseau wanted was a bit of freedom and a bit of craic with his feline friends.

And fret not my fellow animal lovers, you will be glad to know that apart from some minor stomach ulcers Toby received the all clear with no signs of fungus. However, the medication seemed to be making the slobbering worse for this overly sensitive horse (yikes).On a more positive note, Yvonne started to let Clouseau outside in the garden for brief supervised visits but was still keen to keep a very close eye on him in case he disappears (or flees for his own sanity).But on the bright side no more 'pee patrol' or cat fights.


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