Water For Elephants Preview and Review A look at Robert Pattinson film

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Release Date: April 15th, 2011.

Preview: The story is in flashback as the 93 year old Jacob Jankowski recalls his hay days (when he was 23, played by Robert Pattinson) when adversity prompted him to quit his University exams and board a night train which turns out to be a circus train. Being a trained vet, he is hired by the circus owner Uncle Al and soon bumps into a dwarf Walter, his dog Queenie and a paralysed old man Camel who become his accomplices.

The chief animal trainer is August (essayed by Christopher Waltz) who is callous and cruel and ill-treats his animals including Rosie, an elephant. Jacob, in the course of time, falls for August’s wife Marlene (portrayed by the charming Reese Witherspoon) and raises the suspicion of August who eventually beats both Jacob and Marlene. As the film moves, Marlene leaves August and stays at a hotel and soon develops a sexual relationship with Jacob eventually carrying his baby.


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