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Although some might consider the story-line a bit clichéd, we all sat on the edge of our seats and couldn't wait to see the next episode. So they must have been doing something right. I think that you need to see all 6 episodes before passing judgement because there is a very good over-arcing story that runs throughout. The resolution of this plot-line was not only very exciting but also very moving. Well done, Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln! You were both magnificent in that final scene.

We are all unique people and what we find overwhelming varies from one person to the next. Maybe you get overwhelmed dealing with the details involved in planning a party or some other event. Maybe you feel overwhelmed when faced with all of the decisions involved in decluttering your home. Maybe you feel overwhelmed trying to get all of your to-dos crossed off your list.

Even though these types of overwhelming projects often end up as a single line on a to-do list, they generally involve more then one step.Break the project into multiple steps and give yourself permission to focus on only one step at a time. Instead of the overwhelming task of “organize office”, define the things that need to be done. For instance, step one may be “handle the things on the right corner of the desk” or “gather the papers on the floor into a single pile”.

Half-baked concepts, incomplete work, projects that take FOREVER to finish, not to mention the inner frustration you feel because you feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere. It’s easy to get of tou tof this mode, be more realistic when you plan and set your schedule. Give yourself extra time and space to do what you need to do. A great way to get better at this is to actually keep a time log, so that you know exactly how much time you need to do certain kinds of activities.

This works great!So there you have it, 5 top ways to claim more control of your schedule so that you are able to do what matters in your life and in your business. So go forth and be your brilliant self and have some fun while you are doing it.The cause of Sargeant's latest burst of excitement is a tenement acquisition deal that Empire has just struck with Canada's La Mancha Resources, the gold producer created in 2006 from the merger of the gold interests of French nuclear giant Areva and the Canadian exploration company La Mancha.

The only problem for Empire was that its land position before the deal with La Mancha was too small to get too excited about the potential for Yuinmery to become a new mining camp like Minmetals' Golden Grove operation to the east, and Jabiru Metals' Jaguar operation to the west.The La Mancha deal has changed all that. Previous exploration by La Mancha on the tenements has focused on gold.


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