Wear the goalie's boots | PS3 Game Review and Preview

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Depending on your level in the game, you can choose to activate an assistant, or not. This help takes the form of different colour indicators superimposed onto the pitch. You should know that the left stick of your controller will allow you to move your goalie around. And the right stick is manoeuvred to dive for the ball. As a result, fans of Iker Casillas and the like will be able to take on the role of their idols!

The next instalment of "FIFA" will be launched with its fair share of innovations. The new feature that is generating the most interest is undoubtedly the "Be A Goalkeeper" mode. Gamers will have the opportunity to select and control the team's goalkeeper. Electronic Arts has just released a tutorial video focussing on this valued member of the team, the final obstacle in front of the goal.


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