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As a leading global publisher of print and electronic products including scientific, scholarly, professional, consumer, and educational content Wiley is the place to publish. We value our authors as the foundation of our business and strive to build long-term relationships with them. The scholars, researchers, professionals, and others who create and use our publications benefit from our focus on quality, from project inception through collaborative development, publication, and global distribution.Wiley draws its strength from the collaborative efforts of its authors and colleagues a diverse, knowledgeable, creative, entrepreneurial group of people bound together by their talent and integrity. We’re committed to providing authors with the tools they need and an environment in which they can succeed.

We are pleased with our strong first quarter performance, as reflected in solid top-line growth and improved profitability," said William J. Pesce, President and CEO. "Our strategy of investing in 'must-have' content and enabling technology continues to yield positive results. During the past decade, technology investments have transformed our business by opening new distribution channels and revenue streams, which are enabled by innovative business models. Wiley is providing more access to more content by more people around the world than ever before in its 203-year history."

He continued, "In August, we launched Wiley Online Library to enhance discoverability, improve search, allow greater personalization, provide more services, and create new revenue streams. The transition to Wiley Online Library from Wiley InterScience, which was launched 11 years ago, was achieved successfully. In all of our businesses, we are experiencing growth in sales of digital content. We recently added Google to the extensive list of eBook channel partners. Margins in our Higher Education business continue to improve with the growth of WileyPLUS, digital content sales to institutions, customized offerings, and low-cost print products."

The album is sounding big and I’m happy, I need to stop listening to it before I just get too excited. I’ve got all the people on here I want, I got Bless Beats, K1, Z Dot, I’m going to use From The Drop on it, I got Nathan Retro, Labrinth, the whole scene whoever is important, Devlin, Ghetto. The album’s got songs for everyone and everyone has their season and day and it’s going to work for me this time, I hope it will be like, yes, he’s done the right album this time. I need people to understand that they should embrace me just because I’m batting for us, and if I wasn’t batting for us then so many of us that wouldn’t be tended too.

It was easier when they were little. We’d take them to a toddler music class two mornings a week, and that was our big outing. Later we added swim lessons, then junior sports and Teeny Ballereenies. Before you could say “soccer mom” we were running all over town, trying to squeeze trivial things like our jobs (which have unpredictable hours, to say the least) in between activities.Our son decided to drop soccer and Chess Club this year, so he has only fall ball and band at the moment  with swim lessons to follow once baseball season concludes. Our 7-year-old daughter chose ballet, so we deferred piano until January (although she may have basketball then).

Wiley says it’s OK for parents to encourage their children to try new things. Otherwise they could miss out on something they’ll love. The trick is to let it go (repeat 10 times) if they really hate it, or it just isn’t their forte.Working parents in particular are sometimes guilted into getting their kids more and more involved especially if they think it might help them down the road. Travel soccer or baseball teams, or intense dance programs, might give your kids more skills, but if they eat too much into family time, it’s a net loss, she says.And intense competition can cause stress. The Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids should not focus too exclusively on a single sport until they reach adolescence.


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