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ABT X (ABTx) Travels started their bus services in 1931. ABT X Travels operates a large fleet of buses. ABT X Travels has earned an excellent reputation and trust from customer over a period of time. ABT X Travels buses are very well-maintained to ensure a luxurious travel experience. ABT X Travels, based in Coimbatore, operates daily trips to Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai and Trichy amongst many others.ABT stands for Anamallais Bus Transport Limited. www.abtxtravels.com is the official website of ABT Travels. ABT is one of the largest passenger transport companies in India. In the year 1931, ABT was established at Pollachi, in Tamilnadu. The company has been renamed as "ABT Limited". From the people, company won trust, and gain reputation, and goodwill. Around Coimbatore region, company progressed with its 150 buses in 110 routes.

Time is an important factor which is once gone would never come back again. So, this precious element should be used properly. For booking a bus ticket people has to stand in long queues and a lot of time is wasted. Abt Travels online booking of bus ticket has solved this problem to some extent. As now, through Abt travels online ticket booking you can book a bus ticket in few minutes by saving your time which was being wasted by standing in lines. Time and money both are saved as for booking bus ticket manually one has to go to the counters. Abt x travels online reservation can be made from any part of the world at anytime. Abt travels plies to the following cities:

- Bangalore – Chennai – Coimbatore - Erode – Madurai - Nagercoil
- Pollachi – Salem – Tirunelveli - Tirupur – Trichy – Udumalpet

Abt travels has been established since 1931. Abt Travels operates a large fleet of buses and is considered a reputable travel agency. Abt Travels buses provide a luxurious traveling experience. Abt Travels is based in Coimbatore and offers daily trips to Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai and Trichy. All the buses and other vehicles of abt x travels are highly maintained with smart interiors, sound music system and double blower A/c with experienced drivers. They also have a scheduled stop – one stop only for people who need a rest room break in between.they provide facilities like.Madurai – Chennai and Madurai – Bangalore are the new routes added by Abt travels. Abt online booking ticket payment can be made by debit and credit cards.


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