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Review: Good Crook Eatj be to bad. Ha Jin is the Bhatt camp film of the same name which is released today. Jindeag sometimes people want success at any cost. Bye Bye R. Crook hook people that have been shown to elevate Chahicy film in Crook. The film originally shown a problem, and that the Nekasllyy attack on Indians in Australia. A not clap with two hands rings, director Mohit Suri, this is believed to responsible for the attack to Australia but India has done a good job explaining.
While there is a little slower pace of the film, so far - anywhere you might be bored. Bhatt camp is always a small budget as we work to uncover a problem, and that only he is here too. Apak Emraan Hashmi's character reminds me of his own movie paradise. Neha Sharma came to look beautiful and sexy. The film is nothing special for him, but he played brilliantly roll girlfriend. Sino Australian girl is full of sex with Imran, overall the film is an existing all the spices. Arjan Bajwa hopes to awaken, is his best performance. Punjabi songs are average except the film's music. Overall tax can be said that the film Crook is an average movie. The film is by all means an existing hot spices. It was created especially for the young film is completely Hot and Spicy.
Story: Jai (Imran Hashmi) Peanac to think everything is a direct way, then why it should be. Ie any work he does not believe in the right way. His desire is to become millionaires and no one way to adopt acceptable. Whether it's wrong or right the thing he does not care. Neha Sharma (Ssuhani), an Indian student in the role that Indian students are in Australia raises voice against racial attacks. Imran is in love with Neha. Meanwhile, two groups of Indian and Australian students are in the fight.

Arjun Bajwa leader of the Indian groups are made. Melbourne city in their attempt to settle the Indian culture. While here, Mohit Suri has attempted to break the tradition. They go on leaks to the Indians and he left the show completely correct this situation for both Indian and Australian students showed equally incorrect, although it is a very big risk, but this film is the strong point . Even so, Jay tries to make the two groups seems reconciliation.

Trailer of Crook Its good to be bad Bollywood movie


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