Devinder Singh Alias Bunty The Super Chor Who Created Quite A Stir In Delhi With His Clever Robberies

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Bunty Chor aka Devinder Singh has been asked to leave the show on his first day itself on account of his bawdy behaviour.He was part of this episode along with 13 other contestants from different spheres of life as well as the country. A source from Colors Television said that he kept disobeying all rules of the house and slept the entire day which was not allowed as per the rules of the show. He even went onto shadow cameras with socks and used abusives and curses towards Big Boss and before exiting the show he didnt leave the microphones to tamper with even.

However the most astonishing fact is that while he was on show, he received the maximum number of votes when Big Boss asked contestants to nominate any one person. They thought the nomination would throw him out of the show but instead unfortunately that made him the captain of the house.Ultimately, Bigg Boss had to ask Bunty to leave the house. Many inmates were disappointed that Bunty left even without saying goodbyes.Shockingly, Bunty was so pissed off that he spit on the cameras on his way out and even warned the camera man.Like they say…once a thief, always a thief. May be Bunty was feeling bored because he was being constantly watched and had nothing much to steal in the Bigg Boss house.

Bunty is real life thief. More than 500 cases of burglary and theft have been registered in his name. He has spent 13 years in prison. Bollywood movie “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye” was based on his life story.someone like Puja Bedi. I think she is the best host for Bigg Boss kind of shows, where you have to grill the contestants with a smile on your face. At least channel can have her back for “Aakhri salaam.” She will do wonders for the TRP and audience of the show.Any ways let’s talk about the extremely integral part of this show, “The Contestants”. Yes, they are the people who make the show interesting. Whereas nothing is yet confirmed, one very unusual and unexpected name is doing rounds as a contestant.

The BJP spokesperson said the party had sought to find ownership details on the relevant search engines. The details referred to Bharat Journals and Publications and two US telephone numbers, which were linked to an answering machine. Technically such an entity should be selling some journals, but the site takes you to the AICC website,” Sitharaman said.This is deceitful low-level, pick-pocket type… We apprehend Congress hand,” she said, adding that the attempt could also be to say things that are not true of the BJP.

Answering queries about the BJP accusation, Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who also heads the partys legal department, said that no legal notice had been brought to his attention.As of now, no such notice had been brought to my attention. If and when it is received, we will give a befitting reply to such sensationalism and distortion. It is laughable to suggest that Congress should seek to copy the BJP website,” Singhvi said.Given the electorates rejection of the BJP and our connectivity and popularity in India, most people believe it should be the other way round.


  1. Bunty was a cool thief mahn! OLLO was ammaazzingg


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