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Some of the contenders for the title of your options will be fired
Four rounds, nothing more. The roar of the Formula 1 moves to Japan to live one of the last chapters of the World more equal in recent years. After two races he has dominated Fernando authority now hopes to continue with the turnaround in Japan's territory and attack the leadership. Red Bull, the favorites in Suzuka
The wheel goes round and round, any error would mean the final goodbye. In the last two Grands Prix, Italy and Singapore, Fernando Alonso has been given an unexpected twist at the initial script. Holy joy. With five drivers in a fierce competition for the World Cup, any cessation lastrarĂ­a the options to take the title. Now, with four runs, and there is no margin for error.
Ferrari know this and take several courses to fulfill the task. The champion Spaniard reached the moral Suzuka takes off after the last two victories, but knowing that still has not achieved anything. Meanwhile, his 'friend' and has promised teammate war this weekend, so that Massa will fight for not being the eternal second fiddle. The Brazilian has already said it will be very aggressive. Care, Fernando!
Meanwhile, Red Bull are in 'luck'. The moonlight in Singapore was not so bad and Webber still has the lead thanks to his perseverance and good work. Their motto is clear: the victory is important, but add being on the podium is fundamental. The other man, Adrian Newey, the theoretical number one Sebastian Vettel, expected resurgence in Japan with a win so we can reenlist in hard fight for the World Cup because it is 20 points behind on the Australian.
In Woking, the umpire, total chaos. Lewis Hamilton went from ecstasy to failure in two Grands Prix to forget. The British driver has no choice but to be aggressive on the road to try to cut Japanese points overall. Surely Hamilton delights us with a weekend ride. In turn, Jenson Button is still there, further away than the rest, in silence and waiting their turn. Reigning also be starring the great outcome.
Expensive items soldThe remaining teams, as usual. Goes on. The best placed look like Renault, which have emerged as the fourth World Cup team with star Robert Kubica. Mercedes already in doubt until a stranger Schumacher: the press is out of all Ross Brown for their results, but the biggest culprit of all is one that goes in crescendo Rosberg in the top competitions.
And Alguersuari, with Toro Rosso, to fight with the pack. Catalan scored very well in Singapore, he was playing, 'but an untimely breakdown forced him to start from the pitlane. In the Japan route, Catalan hopes to continue with their good feelings and, finally, score more points this season. Franz Tost is a close and want to see the progress of the young pilot, who must win a seat for the next school year.


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