Mallika Sherawat Clothless stripped for 'Hisss' Movie

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For long there has been a buzz about Mallika Sherawat having gone nude for her role of a naagin in Hisss. Now, a co-producer of the film has confirmed this.

Quoting co-producer Govind Menon from a tabloid report: “Mallika has done most of the nude scenes in Hisss herself. She is a very committed artiste.”

The producer went on to say that a body double of Mallika was used not necessarily in the nude scenes but in the shots where the character of the snake woman is shown wallowing in the mud.

Menon added that nudity wasn’t forced deliberately in the film, but was the need of the script.

“The whole concept of nudity is justified because when you transform into a snake, which Mallika often does in the film, you can't have a dress or even a cloth or even a piece of jewellery on you,” Menon is quoted to have said.


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