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We have tried long and extensive on this subject, it is called the Google PageRank. Today we will learn a little of how it works and unravel some myths are woven around this. For those who have no idea what the PageRank, is a scale from 0 to 10 in which Google evaluates the relevance of a site is one of the most important factors for ranking in the SERPs.

Link Exchange

One of the techniques used by blogs to give the first push, and Pagerank your site, and start being taken seriously by Google, are called link exchanges. This technique is another link to a site, ie the site you lace friend and the owner of another site linking to you back in your blogroll.

Here are two aspects to consider: First of all, reciprocal link exchange is less natural than a blogroll link on a single track. The second relevant point is the content of the blog or page you're linking. If your blog is an animal care issue, would make more sense to link to a related site as pet toys, being not if you link to another site that has very little to do, for example, or Thai massage Tyres supply.

The idea is to have a content so good that no trade but you need to ask the same people you link from your blogroll to recommend a way to related content. Anyway, a good exchange links with quality sites, and related, is very positive to increase the pagerank of a site.

That is not abuse, of course, recommend up to 10 or 12 outgoing external links section of the blogroll. We must keep in mind: The more links you have on a page, the PageRank flows between them and divided almost evenly, so if you have more links, each authority will be lower the larger the number of links on our page.

Impact: 3 / 10Natural Backlinks

If you generate good content, sooner or later you will visitors and other bloggers I read. Your items will be relevant as time passes you will bound. It is important that at this point you follow good linking to your posts regularly when dealing issues. This will serve as a way to update the old page with new content it refers. Well your readers can see that content before it was published when you have not read.

The advantages of natural backlinks are extensive, starting because they are excluded from the nofollow attribute, which happens authority links to sites which come and if they are generated naturally, they will help to increase your pagerank few.

As the Google engineers themselves have indicated in a recent article in Google Webmaster Central, Google pagerank algorithm is no secret (the ranking algorithm of Google itself it is a bit more). Moreover, it is one of the worst kept secrets of Google, since the formula has even in Wikipedia. Spot is observed that the technique is: Backlinks, backlinks, but not only, but relevant backlinks.

The more pagerank sites that you have a dofollow link, the greater the chance that you increase your pagerank Shiite naturally over time. Remember that no longer exist so-called Google Dance and massive pagerank updates are no longer happen almost a year ago, so updates occur more dynamically.


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