Rahul Bhatt Breaks His Silence On David Coleman Headley

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Rahul and his fitness trainer friend Vilas Pandurang Varak (31) helped police and intelligence officials with key leads about their some-time friend David Coleman Headley, under arrest in the United States for his alleged links with the terror group Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and suspected plans to carry out terrorist attacks in India.

Authorities have not said Rahul is a suspect, but want to know about his friendship with Headley, a US citizen of Pakistani origin whose former name is Daood Gilani.He said they went out for lunches and movies with Varak, who has already been questioned by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).Headley was passionate about fitness, and military Special Forces.

He told Bhatt and Varak about the Delta Force of the US military and the top-secret force called Special Activities Division of the CIA that carries out covert political action and paramilitary operations.He claimed to have done a stint with the US army, said Bhatt.I always wondered whether he was a CIA agent and used to jokingly call him Agent Headley.I don’t go out, it’s weighing on my mind. I don’t have many friends but most acquaintances have not called,” Bhatt said. “But I am not frightened. My conscience is clear. My slate is clean. The media hoopla is just ridiculous.Bhatt, expected to be questioned by the NIA soon, said he was pained that his name had still not been officially cleared in the investigation.

During the entire episode, I was called a traitor; I was even interrogated by law enforcement agencies. My relatives disowned me. But, the ordeal made me strong, which will help me stay in the house,” says Rahul, who ditched a film under his father’s banner to participate. “People will now see me the way I am, and not through the prism of Mahesh Bhatt or Headley.” But his father didn’t approve, he says. “He warned me, ‘This is a show of infamy. Hero banne se pehle villain mat bano.That’s not to say he’s not popular already. “People ask for my autographs and want to get clicked with me. They recognise me as the guy who inspired Oye Lucky,” he says. Talking about the film, he says there were some “lies” in it. But, the love story between actors Abhay Deol and Neetu Chandra was not one of them. “Meri colony mein meri ek friend thi. Hum shaadi karna chaahte the, lekin phir case ban gaya.
It’s also here that you get to see why Rahul’s mental strength did not flag this time: because success begets success. The more weight he lost, the more he was driven to keep losing. “I gave up chapatis, cereals, bread and rice. And my rapid weight loss was spurring me to continue. Of course, today I would never recommend that path to anyone.While Rahul’s weight loss was drastic, the speed of it took its toll. “The crash diet destroyed my gall bladder. Also my skin became loose and it hung on my frame.” Rahul shares with you his insight: gradual weight loss is the healthiest method.


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