Rush Limbaugh On the Radio, American Dad, The Cleveland Show Of Nancy Pelosi

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RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST (Via telephone): Well, I think it's pretty clear. I think we're in the midst of a disaster, Greta. I think the Obama administration, the regime and its agenda is a disaster for this country, as founded. There is a systematic destruction of the private sector of this country taking place. The private sector is where jobs are created for Americans. And there aren't any jobs being created and there are no policies in place to create jobs. The policies in place are depressing job creation.

And so the question here for the election is, Obama and the Democrats or America? Because you can't have both. And maybe I should say America as founded. But this is I mean, I think it's crunch time. I don't think this is being overstated. I don't think it's being exaggerated at all.

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