Salman Khan Katrina Kaif Still Togather But What about Marriage

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Bachelor of Bollywood Salman Khan and his girlfriend Katrina Kaif is number one again in the spotlight. This time the task of bringing them in the news itself is Salman's father Salim Khan. Feel free to Salim, said that his son is now nothing between Salman and Katrina Kaif. If this happens, they still would have married.

Salman Katrina 'Bugdigard "made!

Yes, actually the actor and his son over the life of Salman Salim Salman Khan and Katrina has revealed the big wedding is not possible. Katrina and Salman rift in relations between the great days in the spotlight. Now his father Salim Khan has also stamp on the reports.

He made it clear that Katrina is not in Salman's life. If Katrina and Salman's marriage may be, when the two would have to decide, but that did not happen. By Katrina so bluntly said that they are alone.

Salman - Katrina are still together!

According to sources, a restaurant with Salman Katrina was bad practice. Then come the two soured relationship started. Salman yet tried to add as many relationships all failed. Katrina and Salman's way different now - different.


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