Salman Khan returns to 'Dus Ka Dum' With His Own Terms

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Not the one to take a rebuke lying down, Salman Khan has finally made the broadcasters of the television show Dus Ka Dum kowtow to his demands.

Now, as the reports allege, Salman is set to return as the game show’s host for the third season, which will be go on air only next year. But what’s significant is Salman’s return to the show, which looked all but beleaguered in the flamboyant host’s absence.

As was reported earlier, Salman was set to host the third season this year, but the channel did not compromise on Salman’s demand for a fee hike. Last year, Salman had deliberately slashed his fee because the channel was reeling with the effects of economic recession. So the actor obviously did not take it kindly that the channel shot down his demand for a fee increment this year.

The result was that Salman bowed out of the show. The channel people obviously weren’t able to find a replacement for Salman. After all, who can match that charm, that spontaneity and those off-the-cuff wisecracks of Sallu?

Reports say that last week, the channel approached Salman again and agreed to do the show on his terms and conditions. Salman, too, did not show any airs and agreed to host the third season.

All’s well that ends well.


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