Superb comedy "do dooni chaar" Movie Review, cast and Crew Plus Upcoming Trailer

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Review: People today have reached the moon, talk of winning the world but he is still our country's basic needs, namely bread, clothing and shelter. Still human enough to spend the rest of my life have to Jdojahr. That is the philosophy Habib Faisal's 'two Runie four of'. Elapsed times through the film's famous couple Rishi Kapoor and wife Neetu Singh Kapoor, 30 years later, once the movie together are making a comeback on the silver screen. Faisal Habib is the director's first film. The film ordinary family living in metro cities around moves.
Rishi Kapoor's acting is awesome, once again he proved why he called the artist was Monzo. Neetu Singh as saying what they think not only camera Pace has 30 years, have appeared in the film look absolutely perfect. Matter is directed to Mr. Habib, whose first film this is, he tried to prove, if directed to a common problem if the right can be made even more special. Habib now has its own expectations wake. Direction is good. Music Fix - is decent, is not going to remember the story according to the right, does not look anywhere Ubau.
Two Runie four large an entertaining and interesting film. The film even Delhi around have been crafted, but in every other ordinary Indian is the story of someone whose eyes dream multiplies and is engaged in efforts to complete. Habib's style - a - Fait is the best overall, four two Runie have a healthy entertainer.
Read: middle class film 'two Runie four "
Story: Santosh Duggal (Rishi Kapoor) are teachers by profession. DDA flat in the capital in his wife Kusum Duggal (Neetu Kapoor) and two children live with Archith and Aditi. Indian inflation concerns as the general satisfaction Satatie so common Indian wife Kusum not live like your husband to get comfortable life keeps complaining. Daughter Aditi is very stubborn. Every time it must have something new something. While the idea of highly Modern Archith younger son who too often turn to family members uncomfortable.
However, in spite of all his family spent Duggal is not a bad way. Meanwhile, Mr. Duggal's younger sister in their home Afupfw entry is not. Come to Delhi from Meerut Afupfw with his brother's wedding invitation arrives. However, a prerequisite for coming to the wedding, which gives the story an exciting twist. Condition for coming to the wedding that the family has to come from the car. Family if a car is not just here comes the twist in the story. What kind of family, marriage and see what the car is Ackrwjoah Afnst the audience laughs.
That's going to marry for money to purchase a manipulative scintillating begins. However, the same time, the family is stuck in a mess. Now it turns out that the problem of how to tickle everyone produces. Now the family is able to be able to buy a car or not to know it you will see the movie.


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