Takeshi Shudo: Pokémon and Minky Momo creator dies at 61

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Takeshi Shudo, the 61 year old writer of the most watched animated show, Pokémon collapsed in the smoking area of the Nara railway station in Nara city, Japan after suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

He was immediately admitted to the Nara hospital, where he did manage to get first hand treatment, but eventually collapsed and died.

The 61 year old was very popular due to his contribution in the making of the first three features on the anime Pokémon series, and his contribution in the making of the Minky Momo series, and its other extremely popular spin offs too were a rage with people of all ages.

This talented writer was a very popular figure in Japan, and his contributions in the anime world are hard to forget. He has been associated with the most creative episodes in the animated series Pokémon, with the Pikachu character taking the most votes in terms of popularity with kids and adults alike.

However, his other contributions like ‘Idol Tenshi Youkoso Yoko’, Martian Successor’, Legend of the Galatic Heroes’, are some of his most popular works. His recent involvement with the new project ‘Cheer Figu’ had him involved with the creation of two new characters, namely Dogakobo and Gonzo.

Takeshi Shudo was admired by many and his creations have entertained audiences the world over with his matter of fact storyline and characterizations.


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