Twin Cities Marathon 2010 Results And Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon 2010 Results

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Today, Sunday October 3 the Twin Cities Marathon 2010 took place in Minnesota. In our article yesterday with information about the marathon we noted the scenic route for this popular and huge event, with the course set amidst lakes, trees and rivers. Today was just about peak conditions for the 11,000 runners in the race which looked even more scenic in the sunshine.

Many of you will want to know the results and we have those details here for you. The men’s division of the marathon was won in 2 hours 14 minutes and 2 seconds by Sergio Reyes of Palmdale, California who ran a new personal best time. In second place came Jeffrey Eggleston of New York in 2 hours 14 minutes and 9 seconds while third place went to Fernando Cabada of Longmont, CO, in 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds, according to Kimberly Bogin over on

In the women’s race the winner was Deba Buzunesh of Ethiopia with a time of 2 hours 27 minutes and 24 seconds followed by Svetlana Ponomarenko of Russia in 2 hours 35 minutes and 23 seconds. In third place was Serkalem Abrha of Ethiopia with a time of 2 hours 36 minutes and 16 seconds. According to an Associated Press report on the top finishers from Minnesota were Donovan Fellows who finished ninth in the men’s race and Nichole Porath who came in 20th position in the women’s race.

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