Twin Cities Marathon Can Lead To Photography

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Starting Line – HHH Metrodome
Home of the Minnesota Vikings, the Metrodome is both a warm-up area, as well as the of? cial starting line for the marathon.

Mile 3 – Kenwood
Gliding down this small hill on Douglas Avenue, runners take a left and pass Lake of the Isles, the ? rst city lake at the upper end of the chain of lakes

"It was just great always having him there, and having him give me a hug when I was finished and telling me how proud he was of me," Puschinsky.

But just after Missy registered this spring, doctors found a baseball sized tumor in Sherwin's chest, then another on his adrenal gland. While Sherwin battled through chemo and radiation, Missy continued to run, balancing Sherwin's treatment and her training.


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