Vivek Oberoi Love Life with Ash, Gurpreet Gill and then Priyanka

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Vivek Oberoi has been on cloud nine ever since he got engaged to Priyanka Alva, a family friend from Bangalore. Vivek likes to call his match ‘arranged-cum-love-zyaada’ and doesn’t shy in admitting that he fell in love with Priyanka in just 10 minutes of meeting her.

Now that he’s getting married to Priyanka, we hark back at Vivek’s long journey to true love.

We look at his special relationship with Aishwarya Rai, who is now a happily married lady. Before Vivek hooked up with Ash, he had a long and steady relationship with a Punjabi girl named Gurpreet Gill. He even got engaged to her. But the engagement was later broken by him only.


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