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Start of the show and MAC is on the radio! He miraculously gets a question right about the Flyers, winning a shot at center ice. The competitor with the best shot wins a weekend at a beach house with athletes. To prepare for this weekend, Mac vows he will become a great sports legend. Just thinking about the radio, Frank, Dee and Dennis (all the Reynolds!) get the idea to do their own “smart” podcast.

Charlie and Mac (what a duo) feel the others are being too uppity and leave them to play hockey. Hockey training ensues—Mac looks stiff, like a G.I. Joe. Mac and Charlie decide that their concrete hockey game isn’t adequate and they make the move to play on real ice.

Start of podcast and Dee and Dennis obviously have important things to say. The first topic is technology, because, well, it’s everywhere. Dennis asks Dee her opinion on technology and she has nothing to say. They decide to make Cricket’s “Day in the Life” the subject matter instead. He talks about a dog sniffing his wound—and what it might be like to get inside the mind of a dog. Shocker of all shockers though—Cricket says he is over Dee since he’s realized that she is a “whore.”

We then join Mac and Charlie at the skating rink, trying to practice their skating moves—sans ice skates. They get kicked off the ice, which leads Mac to reflect, “Only a couple of Jabronis come out here without skates on.” Charlie inquires, “Is it a hockey term?” They don’t know, but agree that it’s pretty awesome.

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