Ajay Devgan does risky stunt In Toonpur Ka Superhero

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Continuous shooting of stunts for film 'Toonpur Ka Superhero' has landed actor Ajay Devgan in bed.

It has been five years since Ajay has done something as toiling as this. Last he was seen doing stunts was in Qayamat (the tortuous rip-off of 'The Rock') and a bit of mild action in Cash .

But of late, Ajay has been putting his physical limits to test yet again for his stunts in producer Kumar Mangat's film Toonpur Ka Superhero , which is being directed by Kireet Khurana.

The scenes had Ajay dangling in the air through a harness attached to cables. Ajay's character fights an evil villain of Toonpur in the scene.

The scenes were being shot over the week under the supervision of Hollywood stunt director Jack Gill.

However, being in the harness for hours during the shoots had a toll on Ajay's back. After two days, the actor's back got stiff and sore. To make matters worse, Ajay refused to take any painkillers. As a result, his back got so bad that he had to take a break and give himself complete bed rest.

Sources say Ajay is now feeling much better and is expected to resume shooting shortly.

Kumar Mangat has roped in a top-notch action director for 'Toonpur Ka Superhero'. Jack Gill is known for directing mind-boggling stunts and has done something same for 'Toonpur' as well.


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