Deepika Padukone bespectacled look in Kofee with Karan

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A beauty in spectacles? Nah! Who wants a nerd? But after seeing Deepika Padukone making a fashion statement with broad-rimmed glasses during the screening of Break Ke Baad, one will change their mind.

In BKB, Deepika’s look is casual and cool, and since the actress will be seen more often nowadays promoting the movie, we expect her dressing sense to get less serious and more fun. For the screening, she dressed up like a plain Jane, but her short off-shoulder denim dress was not only chic, it made her look sexy too. Though Deepika wore flip flops, she looked tall. That’s what's called naturally glamorous!

Here are the stills of the hottie and tell us what you think about her? Shall Deepika continue to sport specs?


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