Katrina Kaif gets naughty and Strip Short Cloths in Tees Maar khan

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Katrina Kaif’s item girl act in Tees Maar Khan is going to be very sensuous.

Till now the actress has dressed like a pretty Barbie doll in most of her films, but director Farah Khan will present us a different Kat: the oh-so-sexy, slim Kat.

Katrina plays an item girl in TMK, and one of the songs that will surely grab maximum eye balls is Sheila Ki Jawani which, according to Farah, is going to be Kat’s best till now. And for a sizzling part of the song Farah has made Kat to drop her inhibitions and get naughty while covered in just a white satin sheet.

As Farah tells a tabloid about shooting the song, “For the satin bed sheet, we had a 10 feet rotating bed with the men around her.”

The director can’t stop singing praises about her leading lady and her dedication towards her work. Whenever someone asks Farah how she made Kat look so slim and sexy, Farah refutes and says that she never asked Kat to lose weight. It was Kat’s decision to work on her body and get toned for TMK. We have even learnt that Kat didn't feel awkward while shooting in satin sheet in front of so many male dancers.


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