Manisha Koirala rocky love life Pictures and Images

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Manisha Koirala is in the news again for her allegedly troubled marriage with Samrat Dahal whom she married in June this year.

Ever since she stepped into Bollywood in 1991, Manisha has been linked with many men, but most notable has been Manisha’s love affairs with men of foreign origin. There’s been as many as three foreigners whom Manisha has dated at different points in her life.

When she at last married Samrat Dahal in June this year, she looked extremely happy. It appeared that Manisha had at last, after many failed relationships, found love in the Nepalese businessman. But now, hardly five months after her wedding, there are reports about Manisha contemplating divorce from Samrat. While the reports may or may not be true - and we do hope for Manisha’s marriage to get steady - here’s a look back at Manisha’s turbulent love life.


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