Rakhi Sawant says Shahrukh also does vulgar stuff

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Rakhi Sawant has done it again. She has shot her mouth off without realizing the implications of her words.

The item gal who’s hosting the television show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ is often accused of indulging in over-the-top gimmickry to gain publicity.

Recently, when she was asked about these antics, Rakhi reportedly lost her cool.

According to a tabloid, she said: “People call me melodramatic... but I see Shah Rukh Khan doing such vulgar stuff at award functions. Ladkon par chadkar baith jaata hai, he talks vulgar, double-meaning dialogues... isn't that nautanki? He is educated, but see what he is doing...”

Unwittingly, in defending herself Rakhi has launched an attack on SRK.

We’re sure SRK has the wit and large-heartedness to forgive and forget what Rakhi said.


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