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If you are looking for some solid screenplay, a motivational theme, a lifetime remembering music, and some extraordinary spellbound movie, you are at a wrong place.

Break Ke Baad is going to provide you none of these if you are planning to watch this movie. For anything other than these, you can enjoy it in a lighter mode.

Connectivity is a big problem in this movie, the sequence, the threads, the viewer getting hooked to screen as long as movie is running is missing in Break Ke Baad.

Though is has a good theme but probably not handled properly in a manner to engage viewer or go into the depth of the issue taken up.

It talks about the freedom and space required or misses in a relationship. The movie is not a regular love story with lovers roaming and meeting in garden, singing song around tree and all that.

So many other movies in the past have been more impressive than this one. Break Ke Baad is Danish Aslam’s debutant entry in direction field.

For Danish Aslam one thing is sure to say after watching this movie that for directing his next movie, he will have to work hard and get much deeper to get the best out of any theme.

Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone fans might not feel good after watching the movie as both these talented actors have not been exploited at stretch in this loosely woven story.

At some moment of time it may become quite difficult to linger on with the story and one may feel to leave it in between and go out.


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