Who’ll be the Bomb siren in Murder 2 Malika ?

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The makers of Murder have minced not a word in admitting that the film’s sequel that’s in the works will be bolder, sexier and more shocking than the original. The buzz is that the plot of Murder 2 is based on the grisly Nithari killings, and knowing the Bhatts’ knack for picking inspirations from real life events and incidents, it might well be true.

However, there are going to be some changes in the cast and crew of the sequel. Firstly, Anurag Basu won’t direct the film. Mohit Suri, the new regular in the Bhatt camp, will step into his shoes. Secondly, Mallika Sherawat may or may not be in the film. Emraan Hashmi is excited to return in the sequel, but the director has yet to confirm the male lead.

But it’s the search of the lead actress that’s giving Suri sleepless nights. He wants a girl who can look dominatingly and superiorly sexy. Four girls are under consideration for the role. Who are they and how close they are to bagging the part?


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