Will Kareena Dump Saif for Imran Khan?

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Now here is some gossipy and sizzling news – After great performance by Imran Khan during 54th Filmfare Awards 2009, it is said that Kareena Kapoor has expressed her strong desire to work with Imran Khan. Is Kareena trying to find new Shahid in Imran Khan or Bebo wants to grab some good projects with Imran, who is said to be in great demands?

This news further receives fuel with the fact that Kareena does not wants to work with Saif on screen and looking for young actors. Bebo isn’t working on Saif’s home production and if rumors are to be believed that she even calls Saif as Buddha (old man). On asking about her marriage plans, she said no plans for the next three years, which will make difficult for Saif to wait! Well Bebo are these the signs of lost interest in Saif? Or is it purely professional approach for grabbing more juicy roles in the Bollywood, we will find that soon. But one thing is for sure, with Imran Khan very close to his girlfriend Avantika Mailk, it will be difficult for Bebo to walk into Imran’s life so easily.

Checkout these three videos below that supports our story:

Will Kareena Dump Saif for Imran Khan?


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