Yana Gupta wardrobe malfunction Pictures, Photo and Images

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Yana Gupta wardrobe malfunction Pictures, Photo and Images

Yana Gupta was recently clicked without her panty at an NGO event for kids.

The Czech stunner wore a little black dress but did not wear the most essential garment underneath it. Not just that, she was quite blasé about being clicked while sitting cross-legged on a chair. Her LBD slid upwards and what ought to have remained hidden was exposed to the lenses of cameramen at the event.

However, Yana is laughing off the wardrobe malfunction. She says she would no longer be called an “item girl” (a tag she earned after her ‘Bijli Giri’ item) but a “no-panty girl”.

Yana is reported to have said that she has been rehearsing for a television dance show lately and in order to avoid the embarrassment of adjusting her undergarment after every dance move, she chose to do away with the panty.

Yana was careful to keep her legs crossed but couldn’t avoid the faux pas.

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